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    A robust, reliable and optimized modular technology
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    Promote IADIX ICO !
    Discover our TWITTER BOUNTY Purenode based app for IADIX ICO
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    3D rendering demo through PURENODE Blockchain
    Discover our proof of concept 3D demo
    Powered by IADIX Purenode through your browser

IADIX Coin Specs

  • Blockchain technology: iadix Purenode
  • Algorithm : Scrypt + POS 3
  • Average Block Time: less than 2 minutes
  • Staking Reward Schedule: + 2,5%/year
  • Transaction Fee: 0,0001 ADX Coin

Iadix Block Explorer is operating as testnet through your browser
thanks to our Purenode technology.

Block Explorer
iadix block explorer


New ICO date soon !
Thanks to the crypto community, we’re meeting new talented and well known community members to complete the team to rise a trustworthy ICO.
Lots of elaborated scams have occured since the beginning of the year, and we don’t want to be assimilate to this kind of theft.
We understand that ico investors are waiting from us, therefore, the highest standard of integrity and probity.
This takes time, info from vendors/promoters is not far away and it is likely we need to push ICO start dates out because we need to do it correctly.
New progress in our Purenode multichain have been made like 3D raytracing into blockchain through html5, to promote the capabilities of our modular multichain.
Thanks, the iadix team.



Join our Twitter Ad campaign and earn IADIX Coins !

Powered by Purenode blockchain technology ---- Start SOON (follow us !)

1. Follow our iadix Official twitter account
2. Create a iadix account
3. Confirm your inscription by clicking the validation email
4. Log-in, and check your account page
5. Add your Twitter name in your profile and save.
6. Follow our tweets
7. Submit your retweet on your bounty page for validation

Total Iadix Coins available for ICO : 35.000.000 ADX

Due balance will go as follow:
88%  for Iadix ICO : 30,8M ADX coins
8% for team development and team recruitment : 2,8M ADX coins
4% for rewards, marketing and business development : 1,4M ADX coins


Coins will be distributed on prorata basis among invested BTC, added to % discount.
A non-refundable deposit in bitcoin needs to be made to participate in Iadix coins ICO.
Before the ico ends, multiple bitcoin deposits can be made.

At the end of the ICO, you will be authorized to:
- send your Iadix coins to your local wallet through Iadix HTML5 wallet
- download your Iadix wallet.dat file. You can copy it into a secure place, or put it into
your roaming/IadixCoin folder for Windows, (HOMEDIR/.purenode) for Linux.

Local wallet will be released at the end of ICO.






  • No minimum hardware configuration needed for PURENODE
  • 100% compatible with all Operating Systems and html5 browsers
  • The easiest way to create your own crypto-currency
  • OS Compatibility for blockchain based applications
    Windows (all versions)
    Embedded/ARM friendly
  • Small design: less than 32Mo ram used per instance, 1Mo of OS agnostic binaries
  • Compatible with bitcore blockchain protocole, application through RPC protocole
  • Flexible modular architecture implementation
  • Conforming to strict gcc ANSI C89 pedantic mode compilation
iadix purenode compatibility


  • Custom C runtime using mostly C native types (no stdio/stdargs)
  • Custom safe log system
  • Key generation and encryption directly from browsers
  • Key storage independant from merchant website management
  • Independant crypted key based on private password
  • No cache (data corruption resistant)
  • Buffer overflow resistant
  • 100% memory clean
  • Safe memory management with internal allocator and reference pointers
  • Robust runtime type checking using dynamic data tree
  • Extensible to all available bitcore features
iadix Purenode security


  • All inclusive wallet capabilities
  • No caching
  • Multi client wallet
  • Local and online wallet take over
  • Online html5 POS 3 staking wallet (and more to come...)
  • Real-time transactions into HTML 5.0 browsers
  • Secured Private keys management through browsers
iadix Purenode wallet


  • Purenode multichain is 100% HTML5 compatible
  • Multichain capabilities
  • Devops friendly
  • Ideal for economic solutions
  • No database
  • No native java
  • No boost C++ Libraries
  • No open ssl
  • Controlled binary modules dynamic loading and import
  • Efficient sandboxing
  • Ultra Fast binary compilation
purenode adaptative


Those examples have been made to demonstrate IADIX Purenode capabilities.

iadix block explorer

IADIX Online WalletYou need to register

Purenode can be used as Block Explorer and Online Wallet for iadix Coins, but also for Bitcoin, and any bitcore based coin !
Private keys protected by browser encryption !

iadix purenode bounty

Blockchain bountyYou need to register

Register and discover our One of a kind Purenode based "Twitter Bounty app" !
Follow us and Retweet our tweets to earn IADIX Coins by promoting our ico !

iadix purenode 3D raytracing

3D through Purenode blockchainWatch now with your browser

Purpose of 3D raytracing is to demonstrate and test capacity to distribute application part and computation on different machines synchronized in real time on the same datas with Purenode.

Meet the IADIX Team

  • Antoine Bentue-Ferrer

    Lead Developer

    At 34, Antoine Bentue-Ferrer is fascinated about computers since his childhood, and is Lead software ingeneer since more than 10 years.
    Lead Developer of Streamplug, a revolutionary and ultra-light h264 streaming plugin, he was too demo-maker in good ol' Alcatraz and Deviance groups.
    He's expert in parallelized systems, distributed components architecture, web 2.0, crypography, 3D engines and raytracing.
    He can handle many informatic languages: C, C++, java, Python...
    Pragmatic and perfectionist, Antoine gives the best development options for Purenode and is an outstanding engineer to lead a team of skilled coders.
    With all his talent and creativity, he's dedicated to create fast, ultra-light and efficient softwares.
    He makes Iadix PURENODE more efficient and easy to use on any hardware.
    Contact: a.bentueferrer@iadix.com

  • Arnaud Krief

    Project director

    After a degree in communication (Paris VIII University), Arnaud specialized in communication technologies and media distribution solutions.
    During his career, he has experimented and built media distribution systems within many projects.
    Strong supporter of a more open economy, he is interested in blockchain capabilities, but also in Web architectures, and audio-video recording and encoding processing.
    Passionate about economy, he aims to solve issues related to decentralized services, based on disruptive business models.
    His vision on Purenode, blockchain technologies and web-services consolidate the Iadix Purenode project, in a constructive and dynamic perspective.
    Contact: a.krief@iadix.com

  • Carlos Caamano-Lara

    System administrator

    Carlos Caamano-Lara is expert in information systems, and has forged a true knowledge about blockchains and crypto-currencies.
    After several years in wealth management and marketing, he has turned to work for IT infrastructures, and worked in several banking and telecom corporations.
    Rigorous and weighted, he's now specialized in Linux/Windows system administration and Blockchain technologies.
    He brings to the Iadix team his experience for the development of Purenode technology, for disrupting and user-friendly new services.
    Contact: c.caamanolara@iadix.com

For many years, Antoine Bentue-Ferrer and Arnaud Krief were partners in their own development company Cedelia Inc.
In 2005, Antoine invented Streamplug, a revolutionary Ogg/divx/h264 streaming plug-in, 1st audio/video plugin to stream Divx videos on IE and Firefox. They also filed together in April 2008 an international patent on a "Multimedia Gift Registry System".

Today, with trusted associates, they share their experiences, in order to offer a new blockchain concept, and innovative decentralized services. Therefore, the Iadix team has yet to grow and find partnerships, to ensure mass adoption of PURENODE technology and Iadix Coins for mainstream and professionals usage.

We should think about the blockchain as another class of thing like the Internet: a comprehensive information technology with tiered technical levels and multiple classes of applications for any form of asset registry, inventory, and exchange, at a much larger scale than it has been possible before.

Blockchain, Blueprint for a New Economy.
- Melanie Swan, Founder of the Institute for Blockchain Studies -

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